Lariats - a brief guide

Lariats are single cord necklaces, available in different lengths, strung with a combination of Silver, Semi-Precious Stones and Freshwater Pearls. They can be worn in several different ways, with each arrangement creating a defined style of jewellery. All lariats are handmade and hence each is unique to you.

Standard Lengths (approx):

Standard -  95cm
Long -  125cm

Centre Piece:
Three Elements strung in the centre of the Lariat.

End Piece: Symmetrical weight at each end of the Lariat (usually silver).

How to Wear a Lariat

Long Lariat - Full Length Style

Select a style name below to see an example image and instructions:

Full Length

  • Hang the Lariat around your neck with the Centre Piece at the back.
  • Simply loop one strand over the other, just as you would start to tie a shoelace, and let the End Pieces hang down.
  • You can move the tie higher or lower to change the overall effect.
  • The simplest way to wear a Lariat and is suitable for all lengths.

Wrap Around

  • Place the Centre Piece of the Lariat at the front of your neck.
  • Take both End Pieces and wrap the Lariat around the back of your neck, crossing it over, and bringing the End Pieces round to the front.
  • Secure the Lariat by looping one strand over the other and let the End Pieces hang down.
  • This style is suitable for all lariats and is a lovely alternative to the Full Length version.

Scarf Style

  • To wear the Lariat in a shorter style hold it by the Centre Piece and fold in half, thereby doubling it.
  • Wrap it around your neck and place the two End Pieces through the loop created by the fold to secure the Lariat.
  • This style is suitable for all lariats and is stunning as a chunkier piece.

Choker Style

  • Hold one End Piece centrally just below your collarbone.
  • Simply wrap the Lariat around your neck, once or twice depending upon the length, then loop one strand over the other to secure it at the front.
  • This style is suitable for all lariats and is perfect for dressing up any outfit.