Catherine has had a passion for art and being creative from a very young age, the emphasis of this passion always having been on fashion. The business "Catherine Amesbury Contemporary Jewellery" was born from a very simple idea, to give her customers exactly what they want. Catherine maintains a very hands-on role with her business and has employed her daughter, Carrie, to work alongside her. As a partnership they travel the world sourcing semi-precious stones, cultured freshwater pearls and silver to use in their designs - making sure that the elements they obtain are ethically sourced while meeting fascinating craftsmen from all different cultures along the way. 

The following is an excerpt from a diary kept on Catherine's last buying trip to Thailand:

... News from the next part of our adventure in Chiang Mai with Pat - our guide from one of the tribes, Mel, his English-Chinese wife and our driver, A. We left Chiang Mai in a 4-wheel truck, winding our way up the mountain. We encountered amongst great insight to the ways of life, a waterfall, where I jumped into a jade coloured pool and floated under a cascade of cool fresh water...

Next was the Soya bean harvest by the road side and watching the sunset over the mountains.

Catherine's bliss land..... We stayed with a silversmith extended three generations from the Laup tribe. A village set into the forested hills and green paddy fielded
valleys. The village was unbelievable, so primitive and un spoilt by the western world. In the evening the son showed us the Silver process from small balls of pure silver to a finished beautiful ring for each of us, amazing! We got to sleep at about midnight to be woken by the cockerel at 3.30!!!!!!!!!!!!

After breakfast (and lots of negotiations with the family about Catherine's commissions for logo tags.........she is soooo excited................) we started heading down the mountain. Long journey to the next Hill tribe, the Karen, who specialise in Catherine's beads amongst other silver things. The next day was taken up with visiting the houses and workshops, we could tell where they were by the tap tap tapping........... Catherine in Heaven... She managed to buy a few pieces that she really liked even though they weren't for sale - 
I loved to see her at work !!